Our Non-Medical FFP2s are in high demand as they are deemed to be a highly effective form of protection.


High filtration

at least 94% of small particles (0.3 microns) are blocked. To put that in perspective, a single hair is around 80 microns wide.


Top-rated protection

offer the highest Safety Level, with two layers of melt blown in the centre of the mask.


Close fit

fit tightly to the face when worn properly and creates a seal between the face and respirator to help ensure all air is drawn through the filter.


Two-way protection

designed to mould to your face so that particles cannot get around it.


Our respirators have been tested by a notified body as meeting the strict regulatory standards of EN 149-2001+A1-2009 regarding physical properties and performance characteristics

Certification and test reports available upon request

Level of protection Highest
Filtration 94%
Material 2 layers melt blown nonwoven + 2 layers nonwoven fabric
Features Nose clip; mask belt; ear loops; clip
Durability Single-use
Splash Resitant No
Fit Tight
Primary Use Case Workers and civilians in densely populated areas, non medical use only
Protection Two way

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